Duka is a musician, producer and audio engineer.

Since 1980, Duka composes and produces 

music for movies, dance, stage and tv, too.

“…Duka's music takes advantage of the roughness of analog sounds, the perfection of the digital timbres, 

the tridimensional dynamic of acoustic and sampled sounds, 

the hyperrealism of voices and dialogues snips 

and all a rising tide of hardly recognizable timbres, 

took under control with notable mastery…”

“Music that wants celebrate meditation, introspection and opens on different levels because of a definite artistic choice; it benefits of electronics as much as acoustic and sampling tones: here we go from pure atmosphere, softness, to aggressive dynamic, rhythm and cinema effects.

    A high stimulating tale made of sounds, that does give up music fashion trends but doesn’t give up the fusion of different kinds of modern art (cinema, comics, videogames) and addresses to a varied public.


Art very well planned, to the slightest details: the mirror of his passions, of his research and love for all the marvels of the electronic instruments world…”



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Roma, RM 00178

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