I Can See Around Corners (2022)

cover photo by Duka

Well, I could say that this album is about my life.

Because the tracks contained in this work tell, musically, about my hopes, fears, behaviors and life experiences.

It is definitely the most “acoustic” work of my discography; however, with a closer listening, you will notice good blends between the acoustic simulations and the sound produced electronically by the synthesizers.

There are songs to which I feel very attached, for example "And Your Soul Slowly Decays With No Warning" which in my mind manages to soundtrack a couple dancing in the style of tango or "Lost in the Garden of Uselessness" that, I think, is the my personal love hymn to music, 

more precisely to the love I feel for music, considered by some, also near to me, useless for my "fulfillment" in life, but in whose garden I immediately got lost and will continue to lose in it forever ...

I believe that this work must have more than one listening to be truly appreciated, but, obviously the last word belongs to the listener.

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