Machines (2019)

cover by Luca Morandi

Ah, the Machines!

They surround us, they make our life easier, they think about freeing us from the most boring or tiring jobs: what would our life be without machines?

Ok, but what would it be if the machines were to think so of us?

As a tech enthusiast, I have always loved machines and everything that revolves around them. Over time, however, I began to look at them under a different aspect, trying to find out if they had a "sentimental" side or, at least, hidden somewhere, a "spiritual" essence.

With this in mind I have tried to compose music that reflects this particular aspect.

The music on this album is definitely more rhythmic and easy to listen to than my other works, although I think my musical style is not difficult to identify.

A technical note: I am very amused to create the voices present in some of the songs, for example "Contact" and "Plastik" and there is also "Watch And Wait" which is one of the very rare songs in which, even if filtered, you can listen to my voice..

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