40rty (2021)

cover photo by Mohamed Nohassi

It was really with great pleasure that I released this album of mine!

The title is ”40rty" because it coincides with a really important anniversary for me: it is in fact 40 years since my first music production job, at the time commissioned by a private radio station in Rome. I can really say that a great deal of water has flowed under the bridge, since then! 

“40rty”, just because it represents an important step of my musical career, is deliberately heterogeneous in content.

I have traveled through different musical styles: from classical electronic to ambient, from more ethnic derivations to progressive accents. I used analog and digital sounds, also often focusing on the many nuances that the treated voice can offer. 

And there are orchestrations that go hand in hand with decidedly more rocking rhythms. I confess that combining all these elements and making it at least enjoyable to the listener was decidedly complicated: but I am really proud of the result, both artistically and technically.

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