Modulator (2023)

cover photo by Shoeib Abolhassani

More than anything else  personal relationships manage to inspire a musician's creativity.

The starting idea for the production of Modulator are, therefore, the personal behaviors in relation to other individuals and with one's inner self.

The musical project was therefore developed bearing in mind the importance of sounds to be used to underline this basic idea.

And I think I managed to find the right mix between analog sounds and digital sampled timbres.

Early sound research was conducted not to create extraordinary sound effects but rather a balanced sound organicity.

And I took this into account also for the choice of rhythm bpms to use on this album: more cadenced for moments of reflection, more rapid and nervous for moments of excitement.

I must confess myself satisfied with the result and after each new listen this new album of mine convinces me more and more

So I'm pretty sure that an attentive listener will be able to confirm my idea about listening to Modulator...

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