Time is Nobody's Friend (2020)

cover photo by Duka

Time: friend or foe?

We are constantly conditioned by time and I must admit that it has always been a concept that has fascinated me.

I think that something that goes too fast for some and goes too slow for others can only exist in our imagination: so, “Time” does not exist, at least  for me.

But,  despite my opinion on it, I still wanted to develop the concept of time in this album: it is definitely a dark album, with the choice of very rhythmic and decadent sounds and melodic developments.

Maybe even not very optimistic!

You know, I am very satisfied with the success of this work, both artistically and technically: in my opinion it is one of the most homogeneous and "well-sounding" album I have produced.

But, as usual when it comes to my music, listening is not immediate and more listening sessions will be needed to be able to fully appreciate it.

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