In Principio et Nunc et Semper (2024)

cover photo by Stormseeker

The new album (and my eleventh so far) explores acoustic ethno rock, synth pop, spacey electronica and other musical territories that aren't new to me.

And it's about faith. 

About my faith. 

Or, rather, what I have experienced in my life regarding faith.

If you listen to the songs that make up this album with the necessary calm, you will realize that they are very linear even if a less careful listening could make them appear very articulated and complex. But it's also edgy and pulsating, darker, more urban and perhaps, in a way, deeply rock.

This album is a bit all over the place, sliding seemingly contradictory ideas right up against each other with colorful, hard-hitting fireworks.

It felt like you were there or at least somewhere with your inner self, traveling together with this edgy and pulsating ethno-electronic music to find some  answers.

I don't know if these answers will be obtained, but I hope that having tried, listening to "In Principio et Nunc et Semper", it was still a musically satisfying journey!

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