“Alle Gegen Alle” (2016)

EM06 TSS06 16

The sixth The Silent Senders album.

Its main concept is about the awareness of living in a time period in which the desire for self-destruction, collective and most of all individual, is predominant.

The stylistic range in this Cd is wide, the atmosphere stylishly dark.

Orchestral textures counterpose the electronic alchemies and the hyperrealism of the electric guitar riffs.

Unordinary tones, heterogeneous colours and styles are handled with competence: each and every detail is part of an accurate architecture. It is a sort of crossroad between an “impossible soundtrack”, an hallucinated journey and the final landing upon multiversal harmonies.

That’s another present by the generous Silent Senders: a constant inspiration.

They’re a sort of musical Tower of Babel..

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