“Boxing” (2013)

EM05 TSS05 13

Boxing. Human. Battle. Man. The all new mini concept album of The Silent Senders.

“Boxing” is one of those works in which passion, accuracy in the composition and extreme, almost maniacal care for the slightest details, are evident and make everything perfect.

From the titles to the artwork, for that note more, for that pause less, for the heat released, freezing your veins, because it’s, in effect, wisely produced, in a way that the slightest sound comes out surprisingly brilliant, even in that sea of sounds that conquers us in the middle of a track.

So, as boxing is a combat sport in which two people engage in a contest of strength, speed, reflexes, endurance, “Boxing” is a real contest between Sound and Rhythm, Electronics and Guitar, Passion and Precision. 

But it is also the soundtrack of a man as boxer with his will, his strength, his love for his loved ones, his weaknesses and fears, especially the fear of himself as a living being in the context of the difficulties of to deal with everyday life and instead want to get in the game to overcome them and prove to himself his true fighting nature.

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