“A More Perfect You” (2012)

EM04 TSS04 11

Blending elements of electronic, rock and music for images, The Silent Senders' 4th album is the perfect soundtrack to your sonic adventure to a far away spot in your mind.

"A More Perfect You" is a concept album about the inability to be comfortable in our daily life standards. 

Music layered with various possible readings in a unique blend of electronic pulsing palette and rock guitar, together driven by refined elegance, exceptional depth and a powerful rhythmic sound. 

The Silent Senders confirm themselves as the true masters in their ability to stimulate our deepest music aura perceptions, in a such a way that the music they were creating reach out and touch people and places further and beyond their imagination.

Here we go from pure atmosphere, softness, to aggressive dynamic, rhythm, cinema effects. We are part of a life tale made of sounds, that doesn’t give up fashion or the fusion of different kinds of modern art.

It’s an unique work, planned to the slightest details: it will be a mirror of passions, research and love.

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