“My life as Minimalist” (2010)

EM03 TSS03 10

Third album for the "eKlectronic" duo: a soundtrack for a short novel (read more here) about an extraordinary travel through innocence, loneliness, big troubles and friendship. The story of Minimalist, a puppy that will know life the hard way...

On the ground of The Silent Senders’ music is a choice of non-conformity with any trendy music genre or commercial law; in this way avoiding to wink at the mass market, TSS obtain to express themselves exclusively accordingly to their musical preferences.

The audience is carried away to new musical scenes and surrounded by rich sound environments created by imaginary soundscapes, micro-sonorities and straight or irregular, pressing rhythmics.

TSS’ music are, consciously, very different from one another: electro-acoustic, industrial, progressive rock or musique concrète, with pop, folk, jazz, even metal contaminations.

TSS build a clever music using every one of these musical kind as bricks: it’s not an easy listening, but the audience is thus stimulated by ever new feelings.

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