WHO (the hell are                                 ..?)

Maurizio Duka Moroni 

music and electronics 

Composer (movies, theatre, ballet, radio and tv broadcast), producer, sound engineer and teacher Duka has a wide musical activity and produced many albums under his name or promoting bands and working each time as much on the technical as on the artistic aspect. 

He has worked with movie directors, photographers, choreographers and many other artists, and has composed and arranged music for.

Audiosfera, his music and audio production company covers music production, audio post-production, sound design, teaching and various kind of issues for multimedia field.

“The Silent Senders” is one of his many music projects.

See also: www.mauriziodukamoroni.com

Paolo “dr. Phibes” Caucci


Guitarist since young age and first garage-band at fourteen. In 1980 builds up the “Hot Blood” and after some line-up changes the band's name turns into "Maskim", and the genre changes to a violent and furious Thrash Metal. From 1988 to 1992, under label Zasko Lab and produced by Duka, the band releases a demo, a LP and a cd. In 1996 the band breaks up and Paolo enters the “Mindscape”.

Then Paolo forms the “Overlook Hotel” and the “Steel Tyrant” cover bands and the AOR band  “Phoenix Rising”.

He is now in the line-up of “D-Tox”, too.


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