“The Silent Senders” (2002)

EM01 TSS01 02

The concept of the album is telling in music something about “sending”, something not too obvious. 

Suddenly an image came forward, of someone who was entrusted with a letter and must find an addressee we know nothing about.

All through this research our character meets people, places, images, but doesn’t meet the addressee, who, in any case, seems to loose importance until the last day but one, when the concept is reiterated, that research must go on, and it will end as it had begun, in silence, which means without knowing its purpose. 

Every track could be a story on its own, but they demonstrate all together that TSS want to explore different territories, keeping a high quality standard with a personal and unique style.

Technically, there are stylistic refinements and technological alchemies to spot, virtuosities that are not employed just to show off, but to enrich the listening experience further on.





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